1 1 1 1 Venetian Project: Inauguration of Italian Pavillion at the Biennale 28 Maggio 2016

The Venice Pavillion, curated by the Order of the Achitects in the person of its President Anna Buzzacchi, was inaugurated yesterday 27 May at the presence of the Culture Minister Dario Franceschini and Venice’s Major Luigi Brugnaro. Titled “UP! Marghera on Stage” and in line with this year’s Biennale’s mission whose core thematic center is the Frontier, understood also as a spotlight on peripheries, degradation, and vision for the future. The team’s work, coordinated by Luca Battistella, alternates past present and future through multi-media works and an installation of docks-quays that physically support them. Marghera has already caught the attention and and interest of Renzo Piano who’s dedicated team, G124, is working on territorial “mending”, now that everyone seems to be wanting Marghera, a periphery that has suddenly become requested and cool. (a photo on exhibition)

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