1 1 1 1 Venice Art Biennale 2017: France chooses the music

Xavier Veilhan's project for the 57th Art Biennale 2017 French pavillion is called Studio Venezia and was presented two days ago at the Pompidou Center.

The pavillion will become a "musical device", as the artist explains, "a dive-in installation that recalls the universe of a recording studio and is inspired by Kurt Schwitter's Merbau".

It will welcome about a hundred musicians coming from all over the world; they will decide in total freedom how to use the space available for their slot and what to play in a space that becomes a sculpture-studio, a sort of a fusione between visual arts and music.

Venice will be the first stop of the Studio tour: it is foreseen a Studio Buenos Aires in 2018 and a Studio Lisbon.

Veilhan, since the end of the 1980s, has always been attracted by a mixture of formal classicism and high technology (expressed in various forms as sculpture, painting, live show, video and photography). Studio Venezia well combines the two, music and a sort of plunge-in architecture.

For the parisian artist teamwork is everything and will be residing in Venice for the entire duration of the art exhibition so as to coordinate at best the coming and going of musicias, sound technicians and engineers.
Visitors will not be assisting to concerts but will be able to watch, and be witness of, the creation of sound in continuous transformation.

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