1 1 1 1 Venice's Civic Museums (MUVE) for 2017 Art Night Saturday 17 Extraordinary opening hours, permanent collections, guided tours, exhibitions on Saturday, June 17, 2017.

Ca 'Pesaro - International Art Gallery Ca' Rezzonico - Museum of the Eighteenth Century -  Venetian Museum, Palazzo Mocenigo - Mestre with "Around Tiziano. The announcement and the light towards the contemporary " at the Candiani Cultural Center.

After the great success of recent editions this year, the Civic Museums of Venice will join in once more on Art Night Venice - The Night of Free Art, the event organized by the Ca' Foscari University in collaboration with the City of Venice in irogram Saturday, June 17, during which all the cultural institutions of the city will be linked toghether on this unmissable event by making their venues freely accessible to the public for performances or extraordinary opening until late evening.

All this is free!

The MUVE Foundation's proposal will focus on permanent collections on the one hand, and on the other on their "contamination" with the exhibitions of the MUVE Contemporaneo project, this year also extended to Mestre, where the Candiani Cultural Center hosts the Short Circuit. Dialogue between the centuries also focused on the dialogue between art of the past and the present and came, with the exhibition around Titian. The announcement and the light towards the contemporary, at its second exposition.

The MUVE seats for Art Night 2017: In Venice: Ca' Pesaro, with the brand new permanent collection on the first floor, including the important and unpublished collection of the Carraro Foundation in a long-term deposit; Ca' Rezzonico, where on the first and second floors, along with the layout of the rich collection, it will be possible to experiment, with the site-specific intervention proposed by Marzia Migliora and realized in collaboration with the Merz Foundation, an evocative water-land interaction (Past present); Palazzo Mocenigo, Center for Textile and Costume Studies, with its collections and two exhibitions: Transformation (on the ground floor, presents goldsmith's creations of six contemporary Swedish artists in collaboration with the Stockholm National Museum) and Cabinet of Curiosities (On the first floor, presents the extraordinary collection of perfume bottles of the Storp family, founder in 1911 of Drom Fragrancies).

Free entrance between 9 pm and 11 pm.

At 9.15pm  each venue will also offer a guided tour.

Reservations must be made online on this page

http://www.visitmuve.it/it/eventi/eventi-in-corso/2017/05/23682/art-night-venezia-2017/ />
Select "Adult" section - 'Free special routes'.
Activities available up to the end of available seats).

The guided tour of Palazzo Mocenigo is kindly offered by Mavive. In Mestre: the exhibition "Around Titian. The announcement and the light towards Contemporary. Garofalo, Canova, Fontana, Flavin ", hosted at the Candiani Cultural Center and realized under the Short Circuit Project. Here, two giants of Italian art, Tiziano and Lucio Fontana, along with other artists such as Canova and Dan Flavin, "talk" about the advent of the announcement as a call, illumination, inspiration: a fundamental theme in both ancient iconography and its Contemporary conceptualization, declined in over sixty works from the 13th to the 21st century.

For information: Educational Activities Service T. 0412700370

Civic Museums of Venice for Art Night 2017
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