1 1 1 1 Venice's Civic Museums: short circuit between old and contemporary It is inevitably marked by the relationship with contemporary art, also to coincide with the Biennale Visual Arts, now "metronome" of the Venetian exhibition events of the period, the 2017 calendar of the Venetian Civic Museums Foundation (Muve). With the programme already started, the director Gabriella Belli spoke of "short circuit" just to emphasize the combinations that will see the ancient art of Venetian museums and contemporary proposals that will be hosted.

From the International Gallery of Ca' Pesaro (www.capesaro.visitmuve.it) which will be completely redesigned for the exhibition which will see the works coming from the Carraro Collection (De Chirico, Morandi, Martini) and about 60 that eventually will come out from underground deposits of the museum: the newly designed exhibition path will also reveal an entire room dedicated to the "rebels of Ca' Pesaro", but also host a new section on Arte Povera from the Sonnabend Collection.  Ca' Pesaro will also host  from June 24 a large exhibition of portraits by David Hockney, organized by the Royal Academy, paying tribute to the famous British figurative painter in his eighties almost simultaneously with the major exhibition dedicated to the London Tate Britain.

Also, in the wake of the ancient-contemporary axis that runs allong Palazzo Fortuny (www.capesaro.visitmuve.it), Intuition, which since May 13 will explore the theme of intuition religious iconography to Abstract Expressionism and beyond.

The Correr Museum (www.capesaro.visitmuve.it) on the same days is instead open to disturbing and surprising portraits by Iranian artisti Shirin Neshat. While the Museum of Murano Glass (www.capesaro.visitmuve.it) will be the stage space of an exhibition of glass works of an artist and original designers like Gaetano Pesce (in his nineties).

Ca' Rezzonico (www.capesaro.visitmuve.it) will open instead to present a contemporary artist at the Biennale, Marzia Migliora, with the "Shoals" on the relationship between land and water. And now a historical context as a video artist Douglas Gordon has chosen the Prisons of Palazzo Ducale for his work dedicated to the Capuchin Crypt in Palermo

Moreover, at the Correr Museum (www.capesaro.visitmuve.it), Jean Clair will dedicate an exhibition to the portraits of a French-American artist living in Venice as Roger de Montebello. Within the Correr Museum will also be located the Museum of the Nineteenth Century, restoring as many Venetians asked, a museum itinerary dedicated to the history of the Venetian Renaissance, while the Museum of Textiles and Costume of Palazzo Mocenigo  will give Transformation in space with an exhibition of six young Swedish artists who create works jewel with poor materials (www.capesaro.visitmuve.it).

The proposal of the Museums network also extends to Mestre and to the Piazzale Candiani Exhibition Center (www.capesaro.visitmuve.it). First, from April 14, comparing Titian and fountain around the theme of the Annunciation, extending it also to Canova and the American artist Dan Flavin light, then host from July 1, a selection of pop Sonnabend collection of works that are already at Ca' Pesaro.
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