1 1 1 1 VivaVivaldi: the red priest as you have never listened to him before at the Musei Diocesani It's not the discovery of a song left hidden for three centuries: it's a new way of listening to Vivaldi. That is, a fusion of "red priest" songs, according to an original music track, with "unpublished bout zones" specially composed by Cristian Carrara. With one goal: to tell, thanks to his sounds, who was the world famous man for his Four Seasons. The musical text that will be sung on Saturday May 13th in the halls of the Diocesan Museum of Venice is his. In fact, the Museum will open to the public a great and innovative cultural opportunity: to know the music and the life of the great Venetian musician Antonio Vivaldi. The three rooms on which "VivaVivaldi" is pioneered are one, musically speaking: the visitor encounters 15-20 fragments of Vivaldi songs for about 30 minutes of listening - but they are connected to each other as a single job, a unique music. The purpose of the exhibition is not only to make music production known, but to connect it with the person of Vivaldi.

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