1 1 1 1 We Wear Culture: Palazzo Mocenigo and Palazzo Fortuny on Google Art Project 3000 years of fashion and costume history gathered in the largest fashion show of different styles has landed online in the new Google "We wear culture" project available on the Google Arts & Culture platform. The initiative is the result of a collaboration with the Civic Museums of Venice and over 180 world famous cultural institutions from all over the world, from New York to London, from Paris to Tokyo, from Sao Paulo to Venice and other cities. Started in 2014, the collaboration with Google Arts & Culture has opened the doors of two of the most valuable Venetian museums to a worldwide audience, making their treasures accessible. Palazzo Fortuny and Palazzo Mocenigo Museum stand as a milestone in tracing an "immersive" fashion story that witnesses the role of creative creativity in innovating the "wearable" language and identity of a whole Venetian historical period. For the Museum of Palazzo Mocenigo, online users will be able to continue to admire over 30 high resolution images of some of the most representative works of the collection - including rare fabrics, costumes and lavish 17th-century dresses of particular prestige - With the help of Street View, they will be able to discover the enchanting exhibition paths and allow the users to immerse him/herself in furnishings, costumes, dresses and scents!

The #WeWearCulture Exhibit is open to everyone online at g.co/wewearculture

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