1 1 1 1 XXII Edition of the International Organ Music Festival in Noale (Venice) The Festival "Organ Music in March" has seen an increase, yar by year, in popularity through the selection of new locations, new instruments and new performers. The Association "Organ Music in March" is a well known and established musical reality in Italy and abroad. 

The Venetian baroque ensemble Interpreti Veneziani  (www.interpretiveneziani.com; organist: Silvio Celeghin) are guests at the 2017 kermesse: the ensemble's performance will take place on Saturday 25 March 2017 at 8.45 p.m. at the  Arcipretale Church in Noale (Venice). The programme is as follows:

ANTONIO VIVALDI (1678 - 1741)

Organi itinerary with Vivaldi concerts for strings:

- Concert in A-flat for two violins and strings op. III n°8 R.V.522 from “L’Estro Armonico”(without time indication - Adagio - Allegro);

- J. S.  Bach, Concert in La minor BWV 593 for organ;

- Concert in Re minor for two violins, cello and strings op. III n°11 R.V. 565 from “L’Estro Armonico”(without time indicaiton - Grave - Fuga - Largo e spiccato -without time indicaiton);

-  J. S.  Bach Concert in D minor BWV 596 for organ;
- Concert in D Major for violin and strings op. VII n°11 R.V.208 “Grosso Mogul” (without time indication - Recitativo - Allegro);
-  J. S.  Bach Concert in C major  BWV 594 for organ.

Silvio Celeghin (www.interpretiveneziani.com)

Silvio Celeghin has always played with deep commitment in liturgic activity as an organist; at 11 he starts collaborating for the organ at his native city Noale (Venezia). He participates to a number of organistic interpretation with Jean Guillou (Zurich), Luigi Ferdinando Tagliavini (San Petronio a Bologna), Oliver Latry (San Sebastian). He has been granted a number of awards at national and international competitions, winning the III°Absolute Award at the Internationaler Orgelwettbewerb “J.J.Froberger” in Kaltern (Bz) in 1995.

Since 1990 he regularly plays in a duo with trumpet player F. Maniero, first trumpet of the "La Fenice" Theater in Venice. Since 2000 is part of the "Venice Trio", producing a number of very successful CDs; since 1999 he regularly collaborates with "I Solisti Veneti" (of Claudio Scimone) also as a solo organist. With "I Solisti Veneti" he has recorded a number of Venetian School CDs and DVDs. 

Silvio Celeghin has played with the Padua and Veneto Orchestra, Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, Simon Bolivàr of Caracas. In 2003 he was invited by the "La Fenice" Orchestra to the inauguration of the newly restored theater for the concerts directed by Riccardo Muti and Marcello Viotti. He is principal organist at Vicenza's "Schola San Rocco" directed by F.Erle. He has recorded for Tring, Velut Luna, Artis Records, Warner Fonit, Azzurra Music, Bottega Discantica, Nalesso Records, RAI Trade, Stradivarius, Tactus. Amongst the latest productions, the CD Vivaldi&Venice with Vivaldi's concerts adapted to the organ. He realized a world première recording for the opera omnia for organ of W. Dalla Vecchia. 
In April 2003 his début as soloist with "Doppio Borgato", a grand piano with rudder. In 2005 "Il Duello" is published, recorded with two organs (G.B. Piaggia e G. Callido) at the Frari Basilica in Venice. In 2007 he was one of eight international organists chosen for the world première of "La Révolte des Orgues" of Jean Guillou. In 2010 Silvio is the first Italian orgnist invited by M° Abreu to Venezuela for a soloist tour, with the Symphonic Orchestra "Simon Bolivar", at the new organ "Klais" of Caracas.

In 2013 the CD "Vivaldi - Two-organ Concerts" is published (Stradivarius records), distrubuted by the prestigious magazine Amadeus. With Federica Iannella he recorded (very first execution) the CD "G.Verdi - Four-hand organ symphonies (Tactus 2013). He is the artistic coordinator of the cultural association "Organ Music in March" (www.interpretiveneziani.com) in Noale (Venice) and holder organist at the Arcipretale Church in Trebaseleghe (Pd) where he has been coordinating for a number of years now the sacre and organ music concert seasons. He played in high-profile Italian theathers such as La Scala in Milan, the Vatican, Saint Mark's Basilica in Venice and La Fenice Theather, the Assisi Cathedral and he is often invited to participate to a number of prestigious international festivals and events. Silvio Cereghin is a professor at the Benedetto Marcello Conservatory in Venice (www.interpretiveneziani.com).


A new ensemble on the Italian and international concert scene! 

This is how, in 1987, the Interpreti Veneziani made their debut, immediately gaining a reputation for the “...exuberance and all-Italian brio characterising their performances”. A datum point in a worldwide musical panorama, the Interpreti Veneziani reached their XXIX Concert Season in Venice, which includes more than 60.000 viewers every year from all around the world. 

Their important achievements include appearances in the Melbourne Festival, in the Bayreuth Festival, in the Prague Music Festival “Václav Hudeček” and concerts at Stockholm’s Royal Palace, participating in the World Vision Telemarathon at the Kirov Theatre to mark the “reinstatement of the name St. Petersburg”, a concert at the Osaka Symphony Hall in live broadcast for the Japanese Radio, concerts at the Tokyo Suntory Hall and Kjoi Hall. United States, Japan, Canada, Latin America alternate every year in their calendar with concerts in the most prestigious halls. In 2013 they performed for the first time in India.

This year they’ll return to Latin America and Japan.  Interpreti Veneziani’s recording activity includes the production of the first compact disc with the music publishers Musikstrasse containing music by Giuseppe Tartini, other 19 compact discs recorded with InVeNiceSound and an LP produced by the prestigious Air Studios in London. 

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