1 1 1 1 "Zafet Zec. Exodus" alla Chiesa della Pietà In Venice from 13th May to November 30, 2017 the Chiesa della Pietà in Riva degli Schiavoni, for the first time in its history, welcomes an exhibition, EXODUS, dedicated to the subject of migration from current stinging Bosnian Grandmaster, Italian by adoption, Safet ZEC considered by international critics an artist of extraordinarie expressive qualities. The exhibition, which right from the title evokes the biblical dimension of the exodus of thousands of migrants who arrived in Europe, is unusual and extraordinary as focusing more than on individual works in an organic cycle of figurations, created  by the artist in his studio in San Francesco della Vigna in Venice. The immense canvases that compose the two extraordinary polyptychs of 10 metres to 3 give voice and shape  the cry of protest against any war and against the tragedy of migration.


Until 30th November 2017 Chiesa della Pietà_Studio Safet
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